Just 15 days!!

15 days until the International Squarefoot Show!!  If you love art, and love a good deal this is the show for you.  82 United States and Canadian artists, online show with a 48 hour preview window, each piece is $250.00 US which means they go fast!  Join the fast paced fun by going to www.squarefootshow.com and signing up.  June 15th-17th is the show where pieces are available to purchase but you don't want to wait until the 17th because the piece you love will be gone.  The day of the show you need to go to www.shop.squarefootshow.com (the show is so big with so many thousands trying to make purchases they have to have a special website through Shopify to run the event).   

The only thing I'm still deciding is which pieces to submit!  I can only submit 5 but this weekend I painted a gorgeous piece and now I can't decide, so all six are below for you to see but only five will appear June 15th!  Which will it be??