"Release" - New Work

This morning I finished what I think may be one of my best pieces, "Release" 20x20 Acrylic and Watercolor on Canvas.   Two weeks in the making and countless hours, detailing the world through my lens.  It's been cold, icy, and I've been away from the trees for too long.  I love the woods, the deep forest, the damp smell of the decaying bark, the green smell of the new growth.  So I create.  I build the world as I remember it, not as it's changed.  Life is always changing, growing, shifting.  Change is the nature of things, so I pay attention.  The moment the light glows through a leaf, the moment a bee lands, the moment the branches shift in a breeze.  So it was once, but never again.  This is the magic.   I'll post this piece on my website soon for purchase, it's off to my photographer for professional photos.  Stay tuned.